Horiuchi family


Clan: Unicorn Clan 
Founded: 1115 
Daimyo: Defunct Family

The Horiuchi family was the newest family of the Unicorn Clan, having been founded just before the Scorpion Coup. Because of their short history, the Horiuchi was also the smallest family among the Unicorn. They were the second shugenja family of the Unicorn Clan and the guardians of the Shinomen Mori.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Horiuchi family was formally created by Shinjo Yokatsu in 1115 [1] when Iuchi Shoan saved two of his children, Shinjo Shono and Shinjo Shonoko from a bandit attack. Shoan had the word 'Hori', which means 'moat' added to her name, and thus the Horiuchi family was born. [2] Other records however show a Horiuchi Danai in the early 11th century, although little was known of him. [3]

Expanding the family Edit

Shoan remained as the only Horiuchi for many years, but when the Clan War broke, she decided to find and take in the orphans created by the war, and those of samurai birth took the Horiuchi name. [1]

Guarding the Shinomen Edit

After the War of Spirits Moto Gaheris charged them with patrolling the borders of the Shinomen Forest to guard their sleeping Naga allies. [4]

Put to the Torch Edit

The survival of the family was in serious jeopardy in 1171, as a plague that was unleashed upon Rokugan by the Ebon Daughter took a great toll on their territory. To prevent a complete outbreak, Empress Iweko I ordered the Horiuchi lands put to the torch and all within to be killed. As the family was a small one, all but a dozen Horiuchi (such as Horiuchi Rikako) were killed in the culling, [5] in the month of the Rooster. [6]

Horiuchi Demise Edit

The surviving Horiuchi were allowed to join any other Unicorn family, or to remain with the Horicuhi, but no new Horiuchi would be brought. [7]

The Last Horiuchi Edit

Horiuchi Meimei was the first of the survivors who died, and other came after her later. Horiuchi Rikako had disappeared and most probably had broken her binds with the Unicorn. The last Horiuchi, Horiuchi Nobane, died in 1198. [8]

Horiuchi Daimyo Edit

Horiuchi Shoan 1115 - ?
Horiuchi Shem-Zhe  ? - 1171

Lands Edit

Ujidera province

Horiuchi province

The Ujidera province was the only province of the Horiuchi. The holdings of the family were Shinden Horiuchi, Kojiin Horiuchi, [9] and Honored Watch Castle. [10]

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