Honor's Sacrifice Dojo was the Ikoma Spymaster dojo, and also taught the Ikoma Omoidasu and Ikoma Tactician schools. [1]

Founding Edit

The Lion did not realize the Crane-Crab War until the conflict was almost over, costing them a valuable opportunity to exploit the Crane's weakness. Few Ikoma recognized a need to know about the other clans' activities, and established a new dojo to enhance their information gathering abilities. [1]

Honor's Sacrifice Edit

The dojo was located in an already built school structure, which honored a young Ikoma samurai who had killed a Kakita Bushi in an illegal duel after discovering the Crane's plot to assassinate the Lion Clan Champion. With no testimony the Lion was executed for murder. In protest the the samurai's brother, the victor of the Topaz Championship, committed seppuku. The dojo was built in honor of the samurai's brother and named Honor's Sacrifice. [1]

Tradition Edit

Sacrifice was the primary tradition: first the samurai's beliefs, abandoning the Bushido; secondly their homes, as they traveled far away during their missions; and eventually their lives. They were also taught in fighting skills, the art of moving unseen, and how to strike from the shadows. [2]

Training Edit

The students learned to hide in plain sight, to become charismatic and pleasant, making friends easily scattered among the legitimate Ikoma diplomats. Conversation, sincerity, etiquette and manipulation were their trademark skills. [2]

Sensei Edit

The sensei used to be an unassuming Ikoma. [2]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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