Hole in the Sky

Rokugani Hole in the Sky

The Hole in the Sky was a breach in the Celestial Heavens from which the Gods could be fall to the Mortal World.

Rokugani pantheon Edit

In the Rokugani religion the hole was made during the fight between the Kami Hantei and his father Onnotangu. The Moon made a killing stroke, Hantei rolled aside and his father's blade made a Hole in the Sky. Hantei cut open Onnotangu's stomach, and his siblings fell out to the opened hole, and fell past Tengoku and to down earth where they founded Rokugan. [1] Through the hole the Dragons watched the earth. [2]

Burning Sands pantheon Edit

Hole in the Sky 2

Hole in the Sky, Burning Sands

In the play A Tale of the Quest written by Harik the Mad, he told of a hole in the sky. To look at it was to gaze into a cold, absent mirror and nothing was lloking back. [3] It was unknown more about it and its relation with Shilah, the Sun, and Kaleel, the Moon, Gods of the Burning Sands religions.

Yodotai Panteon Edit

The eldest son of Caelus, the Sky, and Gaia, the Earth, was killed by his father when the God had challenged Caelus to a death duel. After it, he hit the heaven's floor, making a hole in the sky. Caelus had decided not to dare a new rebellion and threw all his children through the Hole, one by one. [4]

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