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Hiruma Shikibu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Hiruma Shikibu

Hiruma Shikibu was a renowned samurai happily married until the death of his wife left him devastated. He asked a Kuni cousin of his to summon an oni with his name. Hiruma Shikibu then demanded that Shikibu no Oni bring back Hiruma Hiruko to life. [1]

Shikibu no Oni cunningly answered the demand by changing itself into Hiruko, living for several weeks in the company of Shikibu, long enough in fact to devour the soul of Shikibu. [1]

Then it took the form of the Hirumai samurai to reassure the court of his presence and well-being. It began to roam the Hiruma lands, spreading Taint in its path. When its disguise was uncovered by the summoner, a great magical duel took place, leaving the Kuni shugenja dead and Shikibu no Oni free. [1]


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