Hiruma Scout

Hiruma Scout

The Hiruma Scouts were trained in the Hiruma Dojo until the destruction of the Hiruma lands in 716, when everything, including the dojo, was lost. From then on they had no formalized dojo and would train among themselves informally. [1] [2]

Tactics Edit

Preserving their remaining forces was a necessity, so the Hiruma developed the skirmishing formation and the tactics that they now cali “Shadowfighting”: a lightning raid, killing as many enemies as possible and disrupting their camp, then withdrawing

Last Student Edit

The last surviving student of the Hiruma school, Hiruma Sokokai, died in 755. This marked the final loss of all the advanced techniques of the Hiruma family. [2]

Return of the Unicorn Edit

In 816, the year after the Return of the Unicorn, the new Hiruma school was established when the Unicorn provided a solution as a goodwill gesture after breaking through the Crab defenses. In return for the Crab's help with building new homes for them, the Hiruma would now train with the Shinjo. Within months, the Hiruma techniques improved with the adequate training facilities and Shinjo Scouts advice provided. [3]

Reclaiming the Hiruma Lands Edit

Hiruma Scouts

Hiruma Scouts

Until 1130, the lands of Hiruma were occupied by the Shadowlands and formal Hiruma training was done in a branch of the Shinjo school as its emphasises on stealth and observation techniques were very similar to that of the Hiruma. [4]

Training Edit

Hiruma Scouts would undergo a series of rigorous preparations prior to entering the shadowlands. Wards and sigils would be painted on their bodies, and they were also issued jade talismans. Scouting rotation would last no more than a week before they would have no less than four weeks to recuperate from the ordeal. The Hiruma Scouts were trained to flee threats, not fight. Reliable information was more important than death. [4] They learned how to travel great distances without stopping, and ways to survive on an absolute minimum of food and water. [5]

Hiruma Scout Techniques Edit

Hiruma Elite Guard

Hiruma Scout

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