Hidden Heart of Iuchiban
Hidden Heart of Iuchiban 1
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Jama Suru
Currently in the possession of: Destroyed

Hidden Heart of Iuchiban was kept in an iron box, to protect Iuchiban's immortality. The powerful item was the center of the Iuchiban's power and long life.

Removing the Heart Edit

Hidden Heart of Iuchiban 2

The Hidden Heart of Iuchiban

Iuchiban used the gaijin Ceremony of the Hidden Heart to remove his own heart, the process making him a Khadi. He would exist for eternity as long as his heart remained intact, so keeping the heart hidden was Iuchiban's priority. [1] He was not only immortal, Iuchiban was also and free of the price his dark magics usually wrought. So long as the heart remained far from him, Iuchiban remained strong. [2]

Powers Edit

One of the known powers was the capability to overwhelm the target's will and became a puppet of the Heart's wielder. This power could be used with more than one individual at the same time, at quite long distance, and could affect strong minds as Otaku Kamoko or Otaku Xieng Chi's ones. [3]

Spotted Edit

It had been spotted in the Miya Archives in Otosan Uchi, and in a Crane monastery near the Temple of Blood. Each time, the heart disappeared as quickly as it was found. [4]

Favored Servants Edit

The Heart sometimes was granted to Iuchiban's servants who pleased him, as happened with Jama Suru. [4]

Jama Suru Edit

In 1132 it was in the hands of Jama Suru, who used its powers to take control over Otaku Kamoko and Otaku Xieng Chi. [3]

In Phoenix hands Edit

Somehow it passed to Asako Kaushen, who was defeated by the Grand Master of the Elements Naka Kuro and Isawa Taeruko, being the Hidden Heart retrieved by them. [5] Kuro feared that if the Heart were destroyed, Iuchiban would merely become a servant of Fu Leng. Kuro instead took only a piece [2] and passed it to Toku, who was not gifted with magical knowledge and was safe from heart's whispers. [5] Toku placed the piece inside the shrine he arranged for Ikoma Hidemasa in the Hall of Ancestors in the Lion Clan lands. [6] The rest of the Heart was placed in the catacaboms of Otosan Uchi. [2] Kuro feared that if the Heart were destroyed, Iuchiban would merely become a servant of Fu Leng.

Legion of the Dead Edit

In 1166 the souls of the dead heroes was gathered by Goemon in the Legion of the Dead. Naka Kuro knew that the Heart would be instrumental in the defeat of the Third Rise of Iuchiban. [5] Kisada the Fortune of Persistence, returned from Yomi with the knowledge where was the piece of the Heart, a way to drew the rest of it. [7] [8]

Iuchiban finds the Heart Edit

Iuchiban was able to find his heart in the catacombs within the tunnels beneath the Otosan Uchi. [9]

Destruction Edit

Hidden Heart of Iuchiban

The Steel Box

The Hidden Heart was destroyed by Isawa Sezaru after he defeated Oracle of Blood in 1166. Iuchiban was killed shortly after. [10]

Known Wielders Edit

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