Hidden Emperor

The Hidden Emperor Cover

The Hidden Emperor is the last sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game including mechanics for the Second Edition as well as the d20 version of the RPG. It covers this very specific time in the Legend of the Five Rings continuity, the War Against the Darkness.

Credits Edit

  • Writing: Shawn Carman, Travis Heermann, Seth Mason, Aaron Medwin, Fred Wan, Rich Wulf, Brian Yoon
  • Editor: Katie Yates
  • Additional Editing: D.J. Trindle
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo
  • Art Director: Jim Pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Mario Rivas
  • Cover Artist: Ben Thompson
  • Interior Artist: Ilya Astrakhan
  • Typesetter: Mario Rivas
  • Cheif of Operations: Maureen Yates
  • Brand Manager: Ramon Lau
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles
  • Layout and Graphic Design based on work by: Cynthia Fliege & Dawn Murin
  • Playtesters: Mikel Burns, Ryan Carman, Jacobe Callahan, Jed Carleton, Jacob Cheatham, Andy Cowell, Robert Dake, Joel Parker Kinstle, Chirs Lesinsky, Paul Meador, Dan Moenster, Christopher Osborn, Marc Quintard, Mathew Schenck, Sam Sheddan, Cynthia Steward, Louis Veal

Content Edit

Introduction Edit

Chapter One: The Hidden Emperor (Page 7) Edit

Adorai plants an evidence during Toturi's kidnapping

Goju Adorai plants an evidence during Toturi's kidnapping

Chapter Two: Dark Journey Home (Page 25) Edit

Toshimoko investigating Toturi's disappearance

Toshimoko investigating Toturi's disappearance

Chapter Three: Honor Bound (Page 39)Edit

Shizue stabs Hiroru

Doji Shizue stabs Matsu Hiroru

Chapter Four: Ambition's Debt (Page 51) Edit

Chapter Five: Fire and Shadow (Page 63)Edit

Oblivion's Gate 2

The Darkness thins the veil between realms at Oblivion's Gate

Chapter Six: Soul of the Empire (Page 77) Edit

Toshimoko's Death

Toshimoko's Death

Appendix One (Page 93) Edit

Adorai's Death

Adorai's Death

  • Resolution

Appendix Two (Page 94) Edit

Appendix Three (Page 95) Edit

  • Stepping Away from the Canon
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