Hida family


Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: c.5 
Daimyo: Hida Kisada 
I will not fail. [1]

The Hida family were the leaders of the Crab. Their family motto was; "I will not fail". No other family held their duty in such high regard as the Hida. It was the largest family in the Crab, and dominated the political life of the clan. They planned military tactics, led the armies and co-ordinated the defenses of the clan. [1]

History Edit

They were descended from the Kami Hida, known for his sheer strength. Hida's children often had that in common with the Kami, and they were known throughout the empire as some of the fiercest fighters in Rokugan, if not the most cultured. [2] They also had a reputation as uncultured boors, thuggish bullies, and loud-mouthed hotheads, crude and intimidating in social situations and extremely dangerous when crossed. [3]

The Hida were well known for a very colorful language, with many threats, insults, curses and expressions. They were known to be impulsive, brutish, hot-headed and did not take insults lightly. They did not care what other people might think, their obligations to the emperor required a certain mindset, the rougher aspects of the Crab. [2]

Denying these aspects would be to deny them of their greatest strength. Until someone stepped up to shoulder their burden, the Hida would act as they see fit. Hida were known to thrive on the pressures of battle and take joy in combat as no others did. [2]

Politics Edit

Daimyo of the HidaEdit

Since the founding of the Crab Clan the daimyo of the Hida family had been the Crab Clan Champion. [4]

Vassals of the HidaEdit

The following were the vassal families of the Hida:

Relating to the other Crab familiesEdit

The other families of the Crab Clan had never questioned the Hida family's right to rule. They provided support for the Hida, doing their duties as they were told, and in return they were given more autonomy to pursue their respective interests.

This did not mean that the Hida would not listen to their fellow Crab. If a matter of magic was being discussed then the Kuni daimyo would have the full attention of the Hida, but as soon as the matter had been decided there was no room for discussion.

This system created a surprisingly efficient clan policy, with the four smaller families having a large amount of influence in their respective areas of expertise, but all the decision making was left to the Hida. [1]

Within the family Edit

Hida ChildrenEdit

The children of the Hida family understood the great burden that would be placed on their shoulders, and spent all their youth and most of their grown lives learning how to endure it.

From the day they could talk they were taught what was expected from them, and trained to make command decisions at the same time they were taught the rudiments such as reading and writing. Even childhood games had elements of this preparations, playing games such as "Find the Oni" and "Strongwall". [2]

Mon of the HidaEdit

The Hida family mon was a blue crab on a field of slate-grey holding a tetsubo, signifying the strength of the family as well as their duties as sentinels for the Emperor. [1]

Schools of the HidaEdit

The following were schools within the Hida family:

Lands Edit

The Hida family, the third largest family in Rokugan (after the Matsu and Doji) inhabited an enormous amount of territory. The northern provinces were rocky, barren wasteland. The southwestern territory were regularly patrolled by large bands of heavily armed bushi. [5]


Hida provinces

Hida provinces

The following were known provinces under the control of the Hida family.[6]


The following were the estates and property of the Hida family:

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