Hida War College

Hida War College

The Hida War College was built within Kyuden Hida, the capital of the Crab Clan. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Hida Bushi school was well known for having the most relentlessly brutal training in Rokugan. They combined a grueling regime of kenjutsu drills and mock combat, with military philosophy lectures, designed to sharpen the mind and toughen the body. They also trained in full armor, which in Rokugan, was a practice unique to the Hida school. The students needed to be strong and were trained to have the stamina to fight for hours without tiring and hold formation against any aggressor. [2] The Hida School encouraged the use of heavy weapons such as the tetsubo and ono. [3]

Graduation Edit

As a graduation exercise each Hida school student must venture into the Shadowlands, and return with an enemy's head. This exercise lost one out every ten samurai. Those who returned with an oni head were groomed for command positions, and those who returned with a nezumi head were exiled. The Hida Bushi had to know their true enemies. [4]

Lessons Edit

Hida Bushi

Hida Bushi

  • "Lesson one: Anything but the truth is a lie." [5]
  • "Lesson two: Trust nothing but the truth." [5]

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