Hida Tonoji 
Hida Tonoji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171 
Titles: Commander of the Fourth Imperial Legion

Hida Tonoji was the Commander of the Fourth Imperial Legion.

Leadership Edit

Tonoji was known for his knowledge of defensive fortifications. He also was regarded unusual to his troops in that he habitually wore his armor, a practive born of long periods in combat, which were common custom to the Hida. [1]

Army of the East Edit

Tonoji was known as a hard and ruthless battlefield commander, and an uncompromising leader of men. He was an officer in the Watchtower of the East as a part of the command staff of the Forty Seventh Legion of the Army of the East, one of the penal legions formed for punishment duty. [2]

Second Army Edit

Tonoji was moved to Second Army and eventually rose to command the First Legion, its Berserker legion. He cemented his reputation when he led a mixed force of Berserkers and Hiruma Bushi escorting a major supply caravan to Shiro Hiruma. Tonoji lost half of his force, but he brought the caravan whole and intact, leaving behind him a trail of slain oni, ogres and bakemono. For that success he was recruited into the Imperial Legions. [2]

Imperial Commander Edit

Many of Tonoji's men in the Legion were reprimanded for dishonorable conduct before their transfer to Tonoji's command. They were talented, yet undisciplined. Tonoji's success at honing the Fourth Legion into a fighting force confirmed his leadership. [3]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 during the Blood Hunt Tonoji led his Legion against the Bloodspeakers on the Plains Above Evil. [4]

Battle of the Tomb Edit

In 1168 he led the fourth legion alongside a group of Matsu warriors to aid the retreating Rokugani forces from the Battle of the Tomb, [5] defeating the demons which were pursuing them. [6]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In the winter of 1170, the Fourth Legion was in Dragon territories when they were ordered to investigate reports of an attack upon the Northern Towers of Flame. Once there he found them destroyed, evidence of the opening attacks of became known as the War of Dark Fire. He attempted to secure the northern border while Mirumoto Hakahime to led a small force of her kinsmen to find the group of yobanjin that had crossed the border. [1] Tonoji tried to hold the border of the Empire and lost half of his troops, but he refused to withdraw. [7]

Death Edit

In 1171, after no more words arrived from them, the Fourth Legion was considered gone. The Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Kei swore to build a shrine to honor Tonoji, who had held the line longer than anyone could ever have imagined. [8] His death was confirmed after the war ended. [3]

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