Hida Tenshu 
Hida Tenshu 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Rohiteki

Hida Tensu was a berserker of the Crab Clan.

Berserker Edit

Tenshu was the son of Hida Rohiteki, and thus shares a bloodline with the infamous Hida Amoro. Those who knew Amoro could say they saw much of his cruel berserker soul in Tenshu's merciless fighting style. Even after a few battles he had already gained a reputation for never allowing an opponent to survive. [1]

Bar Fight Edit

Even an innocent bar fight ended with Tenshu beating his opponent to death. This was not a problem for most Crab as his mother was the advisor to the Crab Clan Champion and the opponent was an annoying Bayushi emissary. The Crab paid restitution to the Scorpion Clan, but Tenshu went unpunished (except for a period serving on the most dangerous section of the Kaiu Kabe). [1]

Duty at the Wall Edit

In 1159 Tenshu was at command of Kaiu Shiro, when the Carpenter Wall Fall. The Crab forces were retaken the fallen towers, but the Shadowlands were pressing other areas to release the Crab effort. In one of these attacks Tenshu had to ablaze Kaiu Shiro rather than let it fall into the hands of the Horde. [2] In 1160 the castle was rebuilt. [3]

Station Edit

In 1167 Tenshu was stationed at the Razor's Edge Dojo. He spent many nights with Hida Daizu in drinking games. [4]

Iweko I reign Edit

In 1170 Tenshu counseled Hida Kaoru about the Shadowlands. [5]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War Tenshu's unit lost ground, and eventually ended up in the wrong side of the Destroyers. During four months they made their way, killing as many demons as they could, until only Tenshu remained as a survivor. Scarcity of food brought the risk of starvation to Tenshu, but he did not falter. When he was near the fallen Kyuden Hida he was met by Hida Daizu. Both assaulted the castle, now guarded by a bunch of goblins and an Ogre, to recover the Seeds of the Void, a nemuranai left behind in the Fall of Kyuden Hida. [6] The result was not known.

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Hida Tenshu


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