Hida Sakamoto 
Hida Sakamoto 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170 
Titles: Rikugunshokan of the 2nd Crab Army

Hida Sakamoto was a Rikugunshokan of the 2nd Crab Army. [1]

Sunda Mizu Dojo Student Edit

Sakamoto was one of the most seasoned warriors of the Crab. A proud student of the Sunda Mizu Dojo he, like all others who trained there, carved his name on the dojo walls. On the day when he carved his name he chose a blank wall far from the other names that had been carved before him. When his sensei asked what was wrong, if he was too ashamed to put his name beside the others Sakamoto replied. "Not at all. I do this so that when I become a great hero there will be room for hundreds of names to crowd near mine." For his bravado he was given extra exercises and harsh labor, but he went on to become one of the finest Crab warriors, serving as a military advisor to Hida O-Ushi, Hida Kuroda and Hida Kuon. His only regret was that he was unable to protect O-Ushi and Kuroda well enough, and has sworn he would not fail Kuon. [2]

Weapon Edit

Tetsubo 2

Sakamoto's Tetsubo

His prefered weapon was the tetsubo once wielded by his father. [3]

Advisor of Crab Clan Champion Edit

Sakamoto became Hida Kuon's advisor after the death of Hida Kuroda at the Kaiu Wall. [4]

Kyuden Hida Edit

While the Crab Clan Champion was not at Kyuden Hida Sakamoto acted as master of the household. [5]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

In 1160, while Kuon was overseeing the completion of a new castle in Kaiu Shiro, Hida Benjiro arrived with the news of a Shadowlands army marching towards Shinsei's Last Hope. Benjiro requested reinforcements which were denied by Sakamoto, to not weakend the Crab defences in the Kaiu Wall. The Emerald Champion, Yasuki Hachi, who was present offered himself with the Emerald Legions and departed. [5]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Eventually Sakamoto joined the Seventh Imperial Legion and rose to the shireikan station. [6]

Protector of the Imperial City Edit

When the Empress Toturi Kurako decided to reinstate the position of Protector of the Imperial City Sakamoto was one of four candidates considered for the position, [7] which ultimately went to Bayushi Norachai. [8]

Koten Edit

Sakamoto was stationed at Koten when in 1170 Kisada was found murdered. [9]

Death Edit

In 1170, Sakamoto was targeted and killed as part of Daigotsu's assassination campaign against the Great Clans. [10]

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