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Hida O-Ushi (TCG) 
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Born: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Kisada 
Siblings: Hida Yakamo
Hida Sukune

Hida Yoritoko, a name chosen to honor her grandmother, was nicknamed Hida O-Ushi. [1] She was the daughter of the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada and her elder brother was Hida Yakamo, heir to the Crab, being Hida Sukune her younger brother. [2] Her favored weapon was the ōtsuchi. [3]


She was nicknamed O-Ushi, Ox, for few can match O-Ushi's stubbornness and strength, a ferocious fighter. [4]


In 1123 O-Ushi moved to the Kuni Castle, where she had a meeting there. Her father appointed her as liutenant of her brother Sukune on an expedition to the Shinomen Mori. The Nezumi Rememberer of the Tattered Ear Ros'ku had found an armor in the Cave of Bloody Ghost Fire, within the dreaded Shadowed Swamps, which would be Kikyo, the armor forged by Hida Osano-wo for his lost brother Hida Atarashi and which in the 10th century was supposedly lost in the ill-fated expedition led by the General Hida Chuku into the Shadowlands. The Crab expedition faced many dangers in their way to the Cave, such an encounter with an onikuma, the disobedience of Hida Amoro while fighting a gashadokuro, or the madness of the Witch Hunter Kuni Kana, but eventually Sukune managed to retrieve the armor and return it back to the Hida Palace, but without its mempō, which was not found with the set of armor. For his success, Sukune assumed command of the reserve army at Kuni Castle. [3]

Coordinated attack of the Shadowlands[]

At request of her father O-Ushi and a squad of her most trusted companions moved into the Shadowlands and reached to the Watchtower of Sun's Shadow, which was being under the attack of a coordinated army of tainted minions, which bore a trisected diamond mark. They joined the defenders sneaking through the escape tunnels, but the holding was already beyond any possible defense due to leadership of Akuma no Oni, an Oni Lord not seen in centuries. O-Ushi rallied the remaining forces and made their way to the docks, to escape through the sea onboard the Poison Tide, manned by its Mantis crew. [1]

The Wall is Breached[]

The hordes of Akuma no Oni breached through the Kaiu Wall and overrun the Crab defenses, marching northwest, to the Shinomen Forest. Kisada was wounded during the defense of the Castle of the Forgotten, a spear broke through his armor and pierced his belly. He delegated command on Sukune, who assembled the forces of the Crab and several Minor Clans in the shores of the Cherry Blossom Snow Lake. The Phoenix Clan army led by Shiba Tsukune joined them, [5] and four days later the Dragon Clan army led by Togashi Yokuni did the same. The next day the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow began, and the Rokugani forces were bolstered by the arrival of the Crane army led by Daidoji Uji. [6] Tsukune and her worked together to kill a Kamakiri-zaka. [7] O-Ushi was wounded, and she left the field, to be cared by medics. [8]

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