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Hida Kenzan 
Born: 65 [1] 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Osano-Wo,
Unnamed peasant girl 
Siblings: Kaimetsu-Uo (half) 
Titles: Crab Clan Champion

Hida Kenzan was the son of Hida Osano-Wo, born to a peasant girl and the Thunderer, and half brother of Kaimetsu-Uo.

Parents Edit

Kenzan was the son of Crab Clan Champion Hida Osano-Wo and a peasant girl. [2]

Brother Edit

Osano-Wo's marriage to his Matsu bride was not what he had hoped for, and the Champion prayed for his wife to bear him a son. The day she announced to him that she was pregnant he celebrated, drank to much sake and woke up the next morning next to a peasant girl. Nine months later on the same day the Crab Clan Champion had two sons, Kaimetsu-Uo and Hida Kenzan. Osano-Wo acknowledged both as his sons, and they were raised together. [2] [3]

Gempukku Edit

As the two brothers grew up they were encouraged to compete against each other, and Kaimetsu-Uo would always best his brother, but not by much. When the two passed their gempukku, everyone asked who would hold the blade Chikara and be the designated heir to Osano-Wo. The Champion declared that Kenzan would be his heir to the championship, deciding that Kaimetsu-Uo did not know how to lose and still keep trying. The Matsu was outraged, and the following morning she took her servants and Kaimetsu-Uo and left Crab lands forever, [4] [3] [5] in the year 80. [6]

Death of Osano-Wo Edit

In 97 Osano-Wo was murdered and, since Hida had become a recluse, Hida Kenzan was called upon to run the Crab Clan. Kaimetsu-Uo was given the opportuinity to track the traitor responsible, and he leaped at the chance and quickly tracked the person to Shiro Shiba in Phoenix lands. The Phoenix first refused to open their gates, but when Kaimetsu-Uo cried out to his father for vengeance, lightning struck the gates of the castle, opening them. The Phoenix saw this as a sign to release the traitor to Kaimetsu-Uo and their scholars requested Osano-Wo be granted the status as Fortune of Fire and Thunder from then on. Because of Kaimetsu-uo's loyalty to his father, the Mantis were declared to be the favored children of Osano-Wo. [5] [7]

Tetsubo of Thunder Edit

Kenzan wielded a tetsubo which carried the blessings of Osano-wo, the Tetsubo of Thunder. He went to mourn following his father's death to an island in the tainted Sea of Shadows. Kenzan left the tetsubo in a shrine as an offering to his father. The Kuni proclaimed the island sacred, and warded it so the Shadowlands would not take root there. It was believed that Osano-Wo favored the shrine so much that he kept the waters around the island pure, creating the Osaku Route. Kenzan came there to grieve for his father, but also to be rid of the weapon, which unforgivingly whispered Osano-Wo's voice to the wielder. [8]

Preceded by:
Hida Osano-Wo
Crab Clan Champion
97 - ?
Succeeded by:
Hida Tekien


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