Plains above evil

Plains Above Evil

The Plains Above Evil (ZZ) was a broad expanse of wilderness, seemingly untouched after one thousand years. There were many strange ruins built by inhuman hands a long time ago, and even the Shadowlands creatures seemed to fear the area. There were many rumours about the plains, the most credible that it was a failed Naga settlement. It was considered bad luck to approach the ruins. [1] [2] They were also known as Hirano Aku Joki. [3]

Naming Edit

Plains Above Evil 3

Plains Above Evil (ZZ)

The plains adjoined the Shadowlands to the south and the Crab lands to the east. Though not corrupted like the Shadowlands, they were largely devoid of any life and had resisted all attempts at settlement. Some wandering Shadowlands beasts made homes in the area, seeking easier prey than their fellow monsters. The natural wildlife was likewise savage and unfriendly. No one had ever determined why this region so inhospitable to life. [4] A few attempts had been made to settle the Plains, but all had ended in disaster. [5]

History Edit

Five Races and Shinsei Edit

An ancient temple of the time of the Five Races was hidden within a secluded cave. The temple was found by happestance by Shinsei, when he was leaving the Empire shortly after the Fall of the Kami. There, the Little Teacher learned about the incoming Day of Thunder and the threat of Fu Leng. [6]

Ashalan Edit

The Ashalan gaijin race had built a handful of towers. In one of them the Gozoku leader, Bayushi Atsuki was hidden when he was supposedly dead. [7]

Nezumi Edit

Plains Above Evil 2

Plains Above Evil in Winter time

The Grasping Paw Tribe claimed the Plains as their home lands. In 1168 a nezumi tomb was discovered there, a relic from their lost empire. [8] Their main warren, "Ch'tppu'kich" (Our Glorious Sanctuary and Hiding Place of the Great Shining Hoard), was located there. [9]

Other Ruins Edit

Some ruins have been discovered in this area, although no concrete evidence as to who made them was found. Some supected they were Naga ruins, although the Naga were unable to confirm if a colony could have existed there. [10]

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