Heichi Batsuda 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 500 
Children: Heichi Shizugai 
Titles: Boar Clan Champion

Heichi Batsuda was the fifth Boar Clan Champion.

The Lair Edit

A remote plateau kown as the Lair held several mines and a castle, Heichi sano Negura. Heimin were being called in to work in the mines and an Emerald Magistrate, Doji Yoshi, was assigned to patrol the place and the new roads built by the Crab in the Twilight Mountains, known as the Travelers' Path. [1]

Death Edit

Batsuda was killed in an iaijutsu duel with Matsu Dainoku in 500 after championing his son, Heichi Shizugai. Shizugai had witnessed Dainoku murder Mirumoto Chorude in an illegal duel while visiting the Imperial Court. The matter was to be resolved with a duel, and because Shizugai was still a child his father took his place. Dainoku killed Batsuda, and Shizugai swore vengeance. [2]

Preceded by:
Boar Clan Champion
? - 500
Succeeded by:
Heichi Shizugai


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