Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return: 1159

Haruhiko was the Fortune of Fishermen, named such by Emperor Hantei XXXII.

Become a Fortune Edit

Haruhiko was a simple fisherman in life, and one day he gave a fish to a stranger that was hungry. This he did without reservation or thought of reward, and the stranger revealed that he was, in fact, the Emperor, who often traveled the Empire disguised as a peasant. For the fisherman's generosity, the Emperor proclaimed the man a Minor Fortune upon his death. [1]

Death in the Heavens Edit

Haruhiko was slain by Fu Leng with the Emma-O's Spear in the Invasion of the Celestial Heavens. [1] The yield from the coastline that year was reduced by more than a quarter, which had a tremendous impact on food prices and led to outbreaks of famine in some regions. [2]

Meido Edit

Haruhiko came to Meido, as all who were slain by the Spear. The Kitsu noticed several fortunes were not answering their prayers anymore and sent Kitsu Hisashi, a Sodan Senzo, to seek Haruhiko. Hisashi used a figurine of the Fortune as the channel to follow Haruhiko and came to Meido. When Haruhiko saw Hisashi fled terrified, being the mask of the Sodan Senzo the terrible face of a Tsuno. [1]


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