Hantei XXII 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Doji Makiko 
Children: Hantei XXIII 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei XXII was the twenty-second Emperor of Rokugan, ascending the Emerald Throne in 740 and reigned until 821.

Emperor Edit

In 740 Hantei XXI retired due to advanced age and his young grandson became Emperor Hantei XXII. [1]

Redemption Edit

The Emperor had died while touring the Scorpion lands in the spring, and the Imperial caravan with Hantei XXII immediately began the lengthy trek back to Otosan Uchi. The Emperor's palanquin fell when crossing a river, and Hantei XXII was swept downstream. A monk found and nursed the young Hantei back to health, and as he did so he taught the Emperor about the Tao of Shinsei. When the young Emperor returned to the Imperial City he was a changed man. Hantei XXII rescinded the laws and restrictions imposed by Hantei XX, and commissioned numerous new temples. [2]

Maho-Tsukai Plot Edit

In 743, in the fourth year of his reign, the emperor decided to search for a wife. After searching through all of the daughters of the Doji and Kakita families, he finally chose Kakita Edako as his bride. Before the Hantei could make his announcement, however, Edako was revealed by Akodo Shimizu to be the maho-tsukai Agasha Enshoku in disguise. She was killed by Shimizu, and the Emperor rewarded Shimizu with his own family within the Lion Clan. [3] [4] Hantei XXII choose Doji Makiko as his new bride. [1]

Emerald Champion Edit

In 811 the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Ryobu, unexpectedly won the tournament of the Emerald Champion. Hantei XXII announced his son would marry Ryobu's sister, allowing the Crane maintain a strong position in a political climate dominated by the Scorpion and Lion. [5] His son became Emperor in 821. [6]

Return of the Ki-Rin Edit

In 815 a force of tainted barbarians had invaded Rokugan crossing at the northern edge of the Kaiu Wall. They had defeated the Crab army who attempted to stop them, and several Crab generals committed seppuku for their failure. During the final month of the Imperial Winter Court at Otosan Uchi, appeared Shinjo Nishijin, bearing official travel papers endorsed by the Master of Air. The Unicorn Clan Champion told about the Return of the Ki-Rin, and produced the sandalwood fan. Doji Ryobu recognized it and welcomed the descendants of the Ki-Rin Clan back to Rokugan. In 816 the combined efforts of the Phoenix, Fox, Crane, and Miya convinced Hantei XXII to grant the Unicorn a place within the Imperial Court. This year Ide Suari presented the Emperor with a breeding pair of Otaku Steeds, and the Emperor commanded the Lion to end their war against the Unicorn. During the Winter Court of 816 the Unicorn were officially recognized as a Great Clan equal to the other six. [7]

Notable Events Edit

The following notable events occured during the reign of Hantei XXII:

Preceded by:
Hantei XXI
Emperor of Rokugan
740 - 821
Succeeded by:
Hantei XXIII

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Bearers of Jade, the date for the founding of the Shimizu is given as 743 years after the First War, whereas Secrets of the Lion places this event simply at the year 743. Bearers of Jade, however, also references the fourth generation of the Shimizu in 827, a mere 42 years later. It must be assumed from this that the phrase referring to the War was an error and that 743 was the actual date of these events.


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