Hantei XXI 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hantei XX 
Siblings: Several un-named brothers 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei XXI was the twenty-first Emperor of Rokugan. He was largely viewed as a cheerful but ineffective leader. [1]

Emperor Edit

In 728 died Hantei XX, one of the longest-lived and longest-reigning Emperors after Hantei Genji himself. [2] His elderly son, who was well into his seventies, succeeded him as Hantei XXI. [3]

Fortune of Persistence Edit

Centuries after Kaiu Sudaro's creation of the Gates of Persistence, Hantei XXI named Sudaro the Fortune of Persistence for the years Sudaro spent in honoring the naga for his son's life. [4]

Death Edit

In 740 Hantei XXI died due to advanced age and his young grandson became Emperor Hantei XXII. [1] The Emperor had died while touring the Scorpion lands in the spring, and the Imperial caravan with the new Emperor immediately began the lengthy trek back to Otosan Uchi. [5]

Preceded by:
Hantei XX
Emperor of Rokugan
728 - 740
Succeeded by:
Hantei XXII


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