Hantei XI 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Otomo Jama 
Children: Hantei XII 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei XI, named Hohiro before his gempukku. was the eleventh Emperor of Rokugan. He was the creator of the Hitojichi Laws. [1]

Early Years Edit

When Hohiro was a young man [2] his best friend was Matsu Arashige. When he fell terrible ill from a fever, and it was believed that he would die. His brother Otomo Jama was prepared to take his place, but miraculously, the Phoenix doctors found a cure and he recovered. [3]

Otomo Jama Edit

Jama asked for a diplomatic mission in the Burning Sands on behalf of the Emperor. The emperor gave him a legion of Imperial Guardsman for his journey. The Emperor expected to never see his brother again. [4] Iuchiban returned to Otosan Uchi, and secretly offered four cursed swords, the Bloodswords, to four Clan Champions, which resulted in the deaths of the three of the champions. [5]

Fighting his Brother Edit

His reign was remembered for the Battle of Stolen Graves, or the First Rise of Iuchiban. This event had a big impact upon his reign. After the sorcerer's defeat he issued an edict ordering that all corpses of the dead would henceforth be cremated rather than buried. [6] The decision produced major upheavals throughout the Empire. [7]

Events under his rule Edit

Naga Edit

He also ordered the destruction of the naga city of Nirukti [8] in 511, declaring it a blasphemous abomination. [9]

Hostage Laws Edit

The Hitojichi Laws were drafted by Hantei XI during the time of the alliance that had brought down Iuchiban. The "Hostage" Laws required every daimyo to spend at least one month of every year in Otosan Uchi. [10]

Emerald Champion Edit

Daidoji Yayoi was Emerald Champion during his ruling. [11]

Death Edit

In the year 514 Hantei XI died, and was succeeded by his son Hantei Hikawa. [12]


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Preceded by:
Hantei X
Emperor of Rokugan
? - 514
Succeeded by:
Hantei XII

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