Hantei Muhaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hantei Fujiwa,
Doji bride 
Siblings: Hantei Kusada,
Un-named sister 
Spouse: Unknown 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei Muhaki became the eighth Emperor of Rokugan in 442 after the death of his niece Hantei Yugozohime during the Battle of White Stag. [1]

Anti-Gozoku Edit

Muhaki was an elderly widower, who favored absolute Imperial authority and detested the submission of his brother Hantei Kusada to the Gozoku Alliance. He visited his niece Yugozohime when she was trained by the Lion and taught her in the way of the Bushido. After the fall of the Gozoku he became an advisor, ally and friend to the Empress Yugozohime. [2]

Emperor Edit

Yugozohime's eldest daughter, Hantei Retsuhime, was not yet of age to rule when her mother died, so Muhaki was selected as Emperor. [3] Muhaki trained and raised Retsuhime, as a kind of surrogate daughter. [2]

Edicts Edit

The battle in which his predecessor died was a major influence on the early days of his reign, including the issuance of Imperial edicts banning the use of gaijin powder [4] and closing Rokugan's borders to all gaijin. [1] When Agasha Kasuga returned from Merenae lands he convinced Muhaki to grant his family a Minor Clan status, with the ancestral duty to conduct covert trade with the overseas gaijin in order to spy on them. [5]

Akodo's Leadership Edit

Muhaki declared heretical several portions of the original text of Akodo's Leadership, influenced by his sensei Kakita Kuga, those which supported deception in warfare. [6]

Gaijin Treachery Edit

Not long after the Battle of the White Stag, in 443 [7] the gaijin sent an ambassador do parley with Muhaki. The ambassador claimed they wished to leave without further bloodshed, and requested supplies to aid them on their voyage. Muhaki agreed to meet with the gaijin. The meeting was a trap however, and Muhaki's life was only saved due to the skill of the master archer Matsu Koritome. Koritome himself was killed, and Muhaki declared an archery tournament to be held in Koritome's honor. The Lion attending the tournament impressed the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Zaruko to such an extent that the two-hundred still in the competition were the first to become members of the Koritome vassal family. [8]

Boar Clan Edit

A small group of Crab long thought lost to an avalanche appeared in Otosan Uchi with a huge offering of steel and jade to the Emperor as taxes. Muhaki awarded them the family name Heichi and granted them leave to create the Boar Clan deep in the Twilight Mountains. [9]

Daughter Edit

Hantei Retsuhime, his niece's daughter and Imperial Heir, did not follow the tradition of marrying the heir of the Doji, who was indeed a terrible boor. She instead chose to marry a Matsu, gaining the scorn of many courtiers. The Emperor backed her decision despite some claiming she was seeking to ensure her own rulership rather than obeying the dictates of a powerful husband. [10]

Fortune of Geisha and Artists Edit

Muhaki was believed to have been the 5th century Emperor who declared the geisha Sadahako the Fortune of Geisha and Artists. Some historic sources incorrectly attributed this deed to Hantei VII, who was in fact Muhaki's niece and pre-decessor. If this was the case, then Sadahako was rumored to have been Muhaki's mistress, and his sincere mourning of her death later led him to declare her the fortune on his deathbed. [11]

Preceded by:
Hantei Yugozohime
Emperor of Rokugan
442 - ?
Succeeded by:
Hantei Retsuhime

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In the RPG City of Lies: Location Guide page 39 states Hantei VII was the Emperor, whom Sadahako was involved with. As this was Hantei Yugozohime it is more likely intended that she was Hantei VIII's mistress, the only male Emperor of the century.


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