Hantei Fujiwa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 391 
Parents: Unknown 
Siblings: Otomo Totogasi 
Spouse: Two un-named Doji wives 
Children: Hantei Kusada,
Hantei Muhaki,
Un-named daughter 
Titles: Emperor of Rokugan

Hantei Fujiwa was the fifth Emperor of Rokugan.

Family Edit

Fujiwa had two Doji wives. His first wife died childless while Fujiwa was fighting in the Crab lands, and his second is recorded to have given the Hantei Emperor two sons and one daughter. [1]

Reign Edit

He believed the more recent Emperors were too concerned with increasing quality of life rather than improving the quality of the Empire on the whole. [citation needed]

Suitengu Edit

When young, Hantei IV was saved from drowning by a fishermen, Suitengu. The heimin would be later elevated to Fortune status by Fujiwa. [2]

Defending the Empire Edit

He became the first Emperor since Hantei himself to actually engage Shadowlands creatures in combat, [3] and led the Imperial Legions alongside the Crab in the year 375. [4] Fujiwa placed the Legions, and even himself, under the command of Crab Champion Hida Ichido. [5] He personally defended Kyuden Hida wielding the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei, guarding the gates beside the Crab Champion. Hantei Fujiwa's victory that day granted the blade great powers against the Shadowlands. [6] Fujiwa accused the Crane and Lion of weakening the Crab through political attacks, so he mandated fierce reprisals against them. [7]

Gozoku Edit

Vanity Edit

An aged Fujiwa began to delegate the administration of the Empire's politics to the Crane, led by Doji Raigu, the Phoenix, led by Shiba Gaijushiko, and the Scorpion, led by Bayushi Atsuki. They took advantage of the age and vanity of Fujiwa and organized an alliance of daimyos called the Gozoku. [8]

Hantei Machinations Edit

Fujiwa was looking for a weakness in the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Mizobu, because his son was a member of the Gozoku. This weakness turned out to be the Yasuki family. They had grown in economic influences but Mizobu kept them out of the courts for fear that they might become a power. Fujiwa believed that by using jealousy he could get Mizobu to drive a wedge between the Doji and Yasuki. He hoped that such a coup would not only weaken the gozoku but give the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Mitsuyuki enough courage to back him publicly. Hida Ichido was ready to do whatever his Emperor requested. [9]

Plan Failure Edit

The Crab attempted to distract paranoid Mizobu from the Hantei's political maneuvers by threatening his borders, building fortresses ever closer to Kenkai Hanto Peninsula [9] which led in a dispute over its shipping rights, [10] where they had both established settlements. The Crane became paranoid as the Lion became bold, as Mitsuyuki openly supported the Emperor in word an action. It seemed like the plan was going to work. Sadly, the tensions between the Crab and Crane exploded without warning. Open warfare began [9] in 386. The Crab claimed the Crane had no need for the land, and the Crane said the Crab were foolish to set up so far from the Shadowlands. [11]

Yasuki War Edit

In 387 the Yasuki family defected from the Crane to the Crab, following in the Crane-Crab War. Fujiwa attempts to intervene in the war were thwarted, as part of the ongoing Gozoku machinations. Fujiwa admitted defeat to the gozoku and many samurai of the Crane, Crab and Lion had been made ronin and the names were documented by gozoku leader and Imperial Scribe Shiba Gaijushiko. [11]

The Gozoku's Rise Edit

His first wife died childless, furthering his anger at most things. He died in the 20th day of the eleventh month, four months after his son Hantei Kusada was kidnapped by the Gozoku in 391, leaving his uncle Otomo Tohojatsu to act as regent until Kusada could take the throne. [3] [11]

Preceded by:
Hantei Bosai
Emperor of Rokugan
371 - 391
Succeeded by:
Otomo Tohojatsu

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In "Way of the Crane, p. 47" claims that Hantei Fujiwa died in 387, and the new young and inexperienced Emperor made an Imperial Edict against the Yasuki activities, which finally led in the Yasuki split. The split was this year, but the 3rd Edition Core rules clearly marked 391 as the year for the death.
Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita page 83 claims Fujiwa had two daughters and one son. As it is contradictory with many other sources I changed to two sons and one daughter for consistency. Oni no Pikachu 17:56, June 24, 2012 (UTC)


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