The Gusai family was a family of the Mantis Clan.

Founding Edit

The Gusai family was founded in 429 when the Mantis Clan Champion Gusai won a argument with Emperor Hantei Kusada. Gusai proved to the Emperor that steel was stronger than words by drawing a concealed sword to the Emperor's throat. Gusai was awarded the family name, but executed immediately after. In this way, the Hantei proved that sometimes the pen could be mightier. [1] [2] Chousen became the Ancestral Armor of the Gusai family. [3]

Destruction Edit

For only three generations, the Champion was a Gusai. In 510 the daimyo and mantis clan champion Gusai Rioshida attempted a coup, holding the Emperor's son hostage. The prince was recovered and the entire Gusai family destroyed. The Mantis Clan had betrayed their lord so they were allowed to keep their Minor Clan status. [4] [5]

Brotherhood and new Family Edit

For seven centuries those of Gusai blood maintained their broth­erhood even within the Yoritomo, being a de facto vassal family. In the 12th century the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Aramasu promoted the Watanabe family, which was used to be contained entirely of members of the bloodlines of Gusai. [6]

Daimyo Edit

The following is a listing of all Gusai Daimyo since their founding in 429 until their destruction in 510. The daimyo at this time were also the Mantis Clan Champions.

Gusai 429
Gusai Mori 429 - ?
Gusai Rioshida  ? - 510

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