The a Gunso was a low ranking sergeant who commanded nikutai, he was responsible to his unit's chui.

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The rank of gunso designated the sergeant of a platoon, several platoons fell under the command of the gunso's superior, a chui. One gunso controlled from five to forty nikutai and their troops (five to ten hohei). Thus, a gunso led approximately 25 to 400 soldiers or cavalry, depending upon the type of formation and army. Gunso were usually proven, battle tested veteran samurai who had earned their promotions on the field. The awarding of the rank of gunso to a samurai was rarely accompanied by any lands or titles. [1]

Lion Clan Edit

In the Lion Clan, a gunso's unit was known as a Guntai, and consisted of twenty troops.[2]

Mantis Clan Edit

In the Mantis Clan a captain of a kobune was equivalent to the Taisa rank. [3]

Naga Edit

The Naga called sparsa to their sergeants, which commanded five dukhva and their warrior cells. [4]

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