A Greensnake serpent

The Greensnake Bloodline were the diplomats, intelligence gatherers and scouts of the Naga, [1] and the most populous of the bloodlines.

Duty Edit

Greensnakes tended to be diplomatic, their minds easily adapting to learned knowledge and modern thoughts. Greensnakes were often chosen to be scouts because of their ability to rapidly learn languages, negotiate treaties and understand new concepts. [2]

Appearance Edit

They were also the smallest physically, with slim and athletic builds rather than the bulk of their cousins in the Asp and Constrictor Bloodlines. [3]

Demeanor Edit

Members of the Greensnake Bloodline demonstrated a very wide range of personality traits. On average, they were patient and reserved, preferring to wait until they had all available information before choosing a course of action. [4] Because of their connection to the present, the Greensnakes had very little ability to interact with the Akasha itself. They had mental acuity and ability to negotiate and understand new concepts, so the Dashmar was usually selected from the Greensnake. [5] The Greensnakes were quick to reach decisions and quick to act, often relying on instincts over reasoning. Among the other bloodlines, the Greensnakes had a reputation for frivolity and impatience. [6]

History Edit

The First Naga War Edit

The expansionistic Asp used their poisons to destroy the lesser bloodlines during the Bloodland Wars. The Greensnakes were enslaved, while the Chameleons escaped to the sea. Before they could conquer the Cobras and Constrictor Bloodlines the Asp leader, the Shahismael was killed by his lieutenant, the Shahadet. [7]

After the first Great Sleep Edit

The key figures behind the Naga's alliance with the humans, the Dashmar and the Mara, were both Greensnakes at that time. [8] Indeed, the Mara married the Rokugani samurai Mirumoto Daini, creating a permanent bond between the two races. [9]

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