A Great Convocation was a council held by various monks, scholars and other holy men every ten years in Shinsei no Sumai Mura. Originally held in 44, the Great Convocation was originally designed as a way for the various monastic groups of the Empire to codify and compile tales of Shinsei's wisdom and combine them with Shiba's own transcriptions, creating the modern Tao of Shinsei. Since then, the convocation has been called to update or add to the Tao as necessary. [1]

Major Great Convocations Edit

  • 1st Great Convocation in 44: A group of various monks agree to meet to codify and compile the tales of Shinsei's wisdom and his travels and combine them with the writings of Shiba. [1]
  • 6th Great Convocation in 94: Representatives of the Agasha family, who had been secluded fifty years in the Dragon mountains, appeared at the council and astounded the other attendants with their spiritual attainments. The rules of the Path of Purification were ammended to allow retreat in the mountains while seeking enlightenment. [2]
  • 10th Great Convocation in 234: The Shinmaki Shinseist sect emerged after a monk named Basso claimed to have come upon lost writings of Shinsei that were written immediately before the first Day of Thunder. Calling the writings "the Diamond Sutra", Basso managed to convert enough of the monks present to his side that the Shingon sect was born. [1]


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There were discrepancies in the numbering of the Convocations. If the first is in 44, and they happen every ten years that would make the one in 234 actually the 19th convocation and the one in 254 the 21st. This is supported by the one in 96th in 1004 actually also being the 96th mathematically. Either the years were wrong, or the numbering was wrong.

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