District Governor

A District Governor

Governor was the title given in Rokugan to the appointed administrator of a province, city, town or district. [1] They were the power players of Rokugan, as they oversaw the movement of armies, cargos, personages, and wealth of all sorts. [2]

Duties Edit

Governor's Estate

Governor's Estate

The governor represented the authority of the Clan or family Daimyo who named him in his position. He was thus all together a magistrate (in charge of local policing) an administrator (in charge of the land and tax collection around the town) and a military leader (defending the city). [3] Big city governors had a whole court, similar to most daimyo, while smaller ones probably only had an assistant and a yojimbo. [citation needed]

Otosan Uchi District Governors Edit

The Emperor chose a samurai or a senior member of his court to rule over a district in which was divided up Otosan Uchi. The Governors reported to the Sentaku Tribunal and there were hatamoto of the Emerald Champion who could overrule any governor. [4]

Provincial Governor Edit

Provincial Governor

A Provincial Governor

Provincial governors received lands to control, and maintained gokenin beneath them to manage their territories. The provincial governor reported to the family or clan daimyo depending upon who gave the land. The gokenin collected the taxes which in turn passed to the provincial governor. [5]

Known Techniques and Features Edit

Depending upon his location in Rokugan, the position of governor could be anything from a frivolous political appointment, to a prestigious, coveted position of power, to a useful way to get a nuisance out of the public eye. [6]

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