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The Goju family were a family of ninja that were in the service of the Lying Darkness, though unlike it's other servants their names allowed them to keep their personalities and intelligence. This made them more useful than simple shadowspawn. While the Goju might have started out as a blood family they were not one any longer. [1]

History Edit

Founding Edit

I Cast Two Shadows

Goju Ninja

According to some sources, the founder of the Goju family, Goju, at the Dawn of the Empire he was studying the Lying Darkness in his text the Celestial Agonies. When the Kami fell to Rokugan and started the clans, Goju ran from them in fear. This fear made him susceptible to the Lying Darkness. This was the start of the Goju family. [1] [2]

Other, more sustained account, identified Goju as a Scorpion, comrade of Bayushi Aramoro. When Hantei X in the 5th century ordered the Scorpion ninja network dismantled, he became the leader of one of many renegade groups. He had always been a man plagued by dark dreams sent by the Lying Darkness, but when he was cast from the Scorpion he succumbed to the lure of its power. With time, Goju became one with the Darkness. [3]

Naming of the Darkness Edit

After the darkness was named in 1133, the Goju retained their connection with nothing and fled to the Shadowlands, swearing themselves to the new Master of Nothing, the Shadow Dragon, the corrupted Dragon of Air. [4] Without the Darkness' protection in the heart of the Shadowlands and no jade, the Goju were swiftly Tainted. [5] The Shadow Dragon protected the Goju from the Taint, so they traveled undetected throughout the Empire. The minions of Nothing could never escape the ever-watchful eye of the Shadow Dragon; rebellious Goju become dead Goju. [6]

Hidden from Rokugan Edit

The Rokugani believed the Goju had been destroyed after the destrcution of the Lying Darkness, and the minions of the Shadow Dragon did their best to maintain this belief. The Shadow Dragon allied with Daigotsu, and established its stronghold, the House of Goju, within the City of the Lost. After the Dark Lord was defeated by Iuchiban, Goju had begun corrupting those who abandoned Daigotsu's ideals in favor of the Bloodspeaker's rule. [7]

Joining the Spider Edit

Goju House Guard

Goju family House Guard

Since the creation of the Spider Clan, the Goju family joined as one of it's families. The Shadow Dragon still remained its "daimyo". [8] They infiltrated and stealthy eradicated any obstacles that posed a threat to their plans. [9]

Shadow Dragon Exposed Edit

After having infiltrated the Spider for years, in 1182 the Shosuro learned the truth of the Goju and Ninube family's association with the Spider, confirming the relationship between the corrupted Shadow Dragon and the Spider. The Scorpion chose to keep this information to themselves. [10]

The Shadow Dragon's Imprisonment Edit

The Shadow Dragon had refused to kill Iweko Seiken before he became Iweko II, as requested by the Spider Clan Champion Daigotsu Kanpeki. In 1200 the Shadow Dragon met with Kanpeki in a secret temple hidden in the Colonial jungles, a temple dedicated to Daigotsu. The Master of Jigoku appeared and imprisoned the dragon in his temple, because he found the servitude of the dragon to the Spider Clan wanting. As a result of the imprisonment, the Goju and Ninube were severed from the Shadow Dragon. Those who were most corrupted by the Nothing would waste away, but other Shadowspawn would recover a fragment of their identity and serve Daigotsu Kanpeki and the Spider Clan. [11] Goju Yurishi was appointed as the Goju Daimyo. [12]

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The Goju family included the descendants of the first Goju, as well as those transformed by the Darkness who desperately seek to retain their name. [2]

Sub Factions Edit

One of the Goju groups in Otosan Uchi called itself the Sons of Shadow [13]. It was destroyed by Shinjo Shono and Moto Chen. [14]

Goju Magic Edit

The Goju magic was Shinobi, the art of twisting reality by giving form to formlessness, and removing form to create substance. [2] When a Goju was dead, his essence returned to become a part of Nothing. [15]

Duty Edit

The Goju allowed the Shadow to take them as it pleased, and used their power for as long as the Shadow allowed them to exist. In return, the Shadow had taught the Goju its deepest secrets. [2]

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Notable Master of the Goju Edit

In the late 12th century it was appointed the so-called daimyo of the Goju, as part of the Spider Clan. [citation needed]

Goju Adorai  ? - 1133
Shadow Dragon 1133 - 1200
Goju Yurishi 1200 - Present

Lands Edit

The lands that were home to the Shadow Dragon had become amorphous, the ground and sickened vegetation shifted with regularity due to the reality-warping touch of the Darkness. [16]

Holdings of the Goju Edit

The holdings kept by the Goju were eerily pristine and human, with bone white and shadow black buildings , standing out against the supernatural darkness of the Shadowlands. [16]

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Goju Dojo

Goju Dojo

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