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Gaki-do was the "Realm of the Hungry Dead". This was a realm of punishment for those who lived their life selfishly or dishonorably. The gaki that lived here lived only to feed until their hunger was satisfied and their kharmic debt had been paid. Only then could they rise to a better realm.[1]


Gaki-do was a featureless plain of undulating organic material. The sky was a dusky red-yellow hue that swirled and rolled like thunderclouds, with a shifting ground. [2]

Connection to other Realms[]

Since Gaki-do was close to Jigoku, gaki often became fearsome, tainted minions of Fu Leng. [3] It also bordered Toshigoku and Ningen-do. Both Tengoku and Meido kept a distance. Souls that were deemed unworthy to rest within Yomi were sent to Gaki-do by Emma-O, the Fortune of Death. [4]

Portals to Ningen-do[]

Sometimes a portal between Gaki-do and Ningen-do opened. The gaki were vigilants of any prey they could reach and kill. [5] The only way that a portal could well and truly be closed was for a living being to willingly pass through it. The only way to prevent the inevitable return of the gaki to the mortal realm, was to bind them to Gaki-do via a constant source of food. In 1170 such thing happened when Bayushi Kwanchai sacrificed himself to close a portal in a balcony of the Imperial Palace at Toshi Ranbo. [6] Another portal was the heart of a great volcano within the Shadowlands known as Amaterasu's Furnace, [4] and the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng, deep in the Shadowlands. [7]


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