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Illicit Gaijin Trade

Gaijin was the Rokugani word for an outsider or foreigner. This essentially meant anyone who was not Rokugani. The term was derrogatory in nature, and was also often applied to members of the Unicorn Clan, particularly those of the Moto family. Gaijin were almost universally not trusted in Rokugan, although there were the select few who had found a niche that some of the Great Clans would be interested in. [1]

First encounter[]

The first gaijin ambassador arrived at the Imperial Court in the 5th century. It would lead to the Battle of White Stag and the Battle of Raging Seas. Afterwards, gaijin influence was purged from Rokugan. [2]

Gaijin people[]


The Destroyers were a mysterious gaijin force under the control of Kali-Ma. They were her main fighting force during the Destroyer War in 1172.


Merenae, together with Thrane represented a group of nations that exist across the sea from Rokugan. After a failed attempt at establishing trade with the Empire, Merenae was able to form a loose trade relationship with the samurai of the Mantis Isles. The Merenae were most known for the Cornejo family, a prominent family not only known for the invention of flintlock firearms, but also for making first contact with Rokugan through the roaming Ki-Rin explorers.

Senpet Empire[]

The Senpet Empire was an ancient civilization northwest of Rokugan, across the Burning Sands. Gripped in the ravages of famine, their society was on the verge of collapse within the next three generations. They believed themselves to be the first humans to have ever built buildings. They were lead by a pharaoh and worshipped a pantheon of 10,000 gods.


Thrane Mercenaries

The nation of Thrane was the neighbor and rival of Merenae, far across the sea from Rokugan. Most known for an diplomat named Garen Hawthorne who tried to establish diplomatic ties with Rokugan, but was refused after the Mantis and Merenae delegate revealed his plan to assassinate the delegate from Merenae on the return trip and secure exclusive trading rights for his nation.


The Ujik-hai were nomadic tribes of horsemen from the Burning Sands, many of whom joined the Unicorn Clan (then the Ki-Rin) after a catastrophic raid attempt that taught them the might of their kami leader, Shinjo.


The Yobanjin were a group of barbarians who lived in the far northern mountains beyond trading with the Phoenix Clan.


The Yodotai were a militant civilization from the West of the Burning Sands. Very much like the Lion Clan, they had a strong army and tactical knowledge, perhaps given to them by Sun Tao, and greatly revered their ancestors.

Notable Gaijin[]

See Notable gaijin for a list of noteworthy gaijin.


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