Fureheshu family
Patron family: Ichiro family
Clan: Badger Clan
Founded: 462
Daimyo: Unknown

Fureheshu family was a vassal family in service to the Ichiro family of the Badger Clan.

Founding Edit

Ichiro Fureheshu was considered the strongest man of his generation, and he defeated any samurai who dared to challenge him to a duel of force. In 462 Fureheshu was part of a group which was sent to destroy an oni, which had rampaged through Badger lands. Fureheshu crushed the oni's skull with his bare hands just as the abomination broke his back. [1] In recognition for Fureheshu's services, his son was granted the Fureheshu vassal family. [2]

Hida Dojo Edit

One year later, one of the Crab who had been defeated by Fureheshu appeared in Badger lands. He was nephew to the Crab Clan Champion himself, and granted the Fureheshu access to be trained in the Hida Wrestling dojo free of any other conditions. [2] The sumai wrestlers in the Badger Clan were recruited overwhelmingly from the Fureheshu family. [3]

Duty Edit

Fureheshu were simple warriors, who served in any task the Ichiro commanded them. Their frequent wrestling tournaments raised the morale among their kin. [2]

Fureheshu Daimyo Edit

Ichiro Fureheshu's son  ? - ?


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