Fukurokujin was the Fortune of Wisdom and one of the Seven Fortunes. He also acted as a Fortune of Mercy by intervening with Emma-o to aid the souls under his care in Meido, [1] and as the Fortune of Hard Work and Integrity. [2] He granted his blessings to all with the wit to see him. [3]

Appearance Edit

Some scholars believed that Fukurokujin was actually an aspect of Shinsei. He was usually depicted with a long face and many wrinkles, but sharp, alert eyes. Fukurokujin rarely intervened directly in mortal affairs. To those whom he favored, he might appear in disguise from time to time to offer advice. [4] Fukurokujin favored the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, as the Great Clans with more theologians and scholars. [5]

Favored Samurai Edit

Somehow Fukurokujin favored Kakita Kaiten, and guided him keeping the Crane unharmed during many years of struggle. [6]

Celestial Unrest Edit

In 1170 the seven fortunes supported the Jade Dragon and Obsidian Dragon when they challenged and defeated Yakamo, Lord Sun, and Hitomi, Lady Moon. [7]

Togashi ascends Edit

The Kami Togashi was a lawbreaker of the Celestial Order, a mortal whose soul remained in Ningen-do avoiding death. It drew the attention of the Seven Fortunes who judged his interaction illegal. Togashi eventually accepted their judgment and ascended to Tengoku. [8]


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