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Foxes were small vulpine creatures, distantly related to dogs, known for their cunning and swiftness as well as their ability to stalk undetected. [1]

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Foxes were commonly found in the hills and forests of Rokugan, especially in the Isawa Mori [1] and the Kitsune Mori in particular, living among the magical Kitsune spirits. The red-tailed fox lives on a diet of rodents and other small creatures. Foxes were swift creatures, and were faster than horses, and used this speed and cunning to avoid danger. Within Kitsune Mori it was illegal to kill a fox, and in general it was considered bad luck to kill one anywhere. [2] It was believed a mundane fox could become a Kitsune spirit if it lived beyond its normal span, and at 100 years old a fox wwould grow a second tail, becoming a fox spirit. [3]

Good Omens Edit


A Fox

The vision of a genko, a black fox, or a byako, a white fox, were considered good omens. [4] As they were the servants of Inari, Fortune of Rice, and it was upon rice that the Crane's economy was built, the Crane tossed rice to any fox they saw when traveling in the wilderness, believing happiness would be assured for the next year. [5]

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