Fortunes and Winds (RPG)

Fortunes and Winds Cover

Fortunes and Winds was the seventh source book for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game in the Oriental Adventures series.

Credits Edit

Aaron Medwin

  • Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo
  • Art Director: jim pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Justin Lawler
  • Cover Artist: Jeremy Jarvis
  • Interior Artists: Cris Dornaus
  • Typesetter: Justin Lawler
  • Chief of Operations: Maureen Yates
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles
  • Layout and Graphic Design based on work by: Cynthia Fliege & Dawn Murin
  • Playtesters: Mikel Burns, Ryan Carman, Jacobe Callahan Jed Carñerton, Jacob Cheatham, Andy Cowell, Robert Dake Joel, Parker Kinstle, Chris Lesinsky, Paul Meador, Dan Moenster, Christopher Osborn, Marc Quintard, Matthew Schenck, Sam Sheddan, Cynthia Steward, Louis Veal.

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4)Edit

Onikage 2


Jigoku, The Realm of Evil (page 30)Edit

Ashura 2


Gaki-do, The Realm of Hungry Ghosts (page 37)Edit

  • Fiction "Through Blood and Thunder", Part Three with Morito Tokei and Matsu Hiroru in Gaki-do
  • Gaki-do and the Celestial Order
  • Control
  • Inhabitants
  • Features of Gaki-do
  • Adventure Hooks

Sakkaku, The Realm of Mischief (page 43)Edit

Meido, The Realm of Waiting (page 51)Edit

  • Fiction "Through Blood and Thunder", Part Five with Morito Tokei and Emma-O in Meido
  • Meido and the Celestial Order
  • Control
  • Inhabitants
  • Features of Meido
  • Adventure Hooks

Yomi, The Realm of Blessed Ancestors (page 55)Edit

Tengoku, The Celestial Heavens (page 65)Edit

Chikushudo, the Realm of the Animals (page 79) Edit

  • Fiction "Through Blood and Thunder", Part Eight with Naka Tokei and a Hare in Chikushudo
  • Chikushudo and the Celestial Order
  • Control: Hitsu
  • Inhabitants
  • Features of Chikushudo
  • Adventure Hooks
  • New Monster: Kitsune-tsuki

Toshigoku, The Realm of Slaughter (page 87) Edit

Yume-do, The Realm of Dreams (page 95) Edit

Ningen-do, The Realm of Mortals (page 105) Edit

  • Fiction "Through Blood and Thunder", Part Eleventh with Naka Tokei returned to Ningen-do through Toturi Miyako's dreams
  • Ningen-do and the Celestial Order
  • Control: Yumeji
  • Relations with Other Equipment
  • Features of Ningen-do
  • Inhabitants
  • The Kenku Kenjutsu Schoo
  • New Spell: Kharma
  • Features of Yume-do
  • News of the Empire
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