The Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Tribe was the largest nezumi tribe since the old days. But it had grown too large, and the leaders began to disagree more and more. Eventually, Forever-Racing-Tomorrow had broken into different, smaller tribes [1] in 389. [2]

Crab Alliance Edit

A pack of the tribe allied with a corrupted Kuni, [3] Kuni Kaigen, who had betrayed his kin and allied with an Oni to take Shiro Hiruma. They were sent to hunt the messenger sent by the besieged to the Kaiu Wall, Hiruma Kazuma. Kazuma was revealed as Ksoo'ma, the Peace Bringer, and the nezumi tribes chose to send their finest warriors to defend the Hiruma Castle, foiling Kaigen's treachery, [4] so in 314 a nezumi-Crab alliance was forged. [5]

Schism Edit

Several generations after the alliance was formed, a major disagreement as to how to best serve the interests of the Nezumi race appeared. Rather than risk open hostility within the tribes, the elders chose to go their separate ways, taking their followers with them, [6] in 389. [7]

Tattered Ear Tribe Edit

The tribe's chieftain wished to forge closer ties with the humans, so he took a large portion of the tribe and traveled north past the Kaiu Wall becoming the Tattered Ear Tribe. [8]

Crooked Tail Tribe Edit

Those who followed the Shaman, Rtch't'tok, [9] who felt that the humans would bring them all to ruin and advocated severing all ties, took a much smaller portion of the tribe and traveled farther west into the Shadowlands, becoming the Crooked Tail Tribe. [8] Rtch't'tok had lost his son Ch'tik shortly after, killed by humans devoid of life. His story had been disregarded by the chieftain. The shaman believed he had survived the inhuman attack due thanks to a crystal talisman, and moved to the place where it had been crafted, [10] the Drawing-Out-Darkness-Rock, a great crystal outcropping northwest of the Shadowlands. [11]

Third Whisker Tribe Edit

A half-demented, self-proclaimed "prophet", remained in the Shadowlands to live as they always had, becoming the Third Whisker Tribe, a nihilistic group of doom-sayers who eventually occupied the tunnels beneath the Kaiu Wall. [8] The prophet, by the name Z-ee, had predicted "a bloody beast rising from the night, built of ancient heroes made bloody with vengeance. The bloody beast's hubris will wake the doom of the Nezumi." Z-ee wished the Forever-Racing-Tomorrow to remain united, as they believed that only a united tribe could prevent the terrible future they had foreseen. They named themselves the Third Whisker, as the Nezumi word "whisker" sounded like "a broken piece left behind". [12]


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