Feydn Rafiq

Feydn Rafiq

Feydn Rafiq was the leader of House Rafiq, a powerful, corrupted kshatriya of the Ivory Kingdoms. Like most of his house, Feydn was a member of the dreaded Cult of Ruhmal.

Demeanor Edit

Rafiq was a cunning and ambitious man who served the Cult of the Destroyer his whole life. In 1132 he considered his current supervisors to be unworthy of leadership positions, and planned to depose them. [1]

Cult of Ruhmal Edit

Rafiq wished no more than to destroy everthing around him, and let the world burn for the glory of Shiva the Destroyer. [1]

Mission in Rokugan Edit

The House Rafiq leaders plotted to destroy the Rokugani Seppun family. In this way they would claim nothing was within his cult's reach, taking a victory in every major country of the world. Rafiq was sent with Anata, a Kali-Ma's daughter, to this mission. He expected the failure of the mission could give him the leverage to take over the cult's leadership. Rafiq countered the mission, using rokugani pawns through deception, [2] and betrayed Anata who was killed when she was exposed as a demon. [3]

Betraying his Nephew Edit

His niece Kural Rafiq led the conspiracy from an island off of Phoenix Clan lands. Feydn Rafiq betrayed his uncle, and Rutal's fortress was stormed by a group of samurai who had been sent by Otomo Banu and the advice of Feydn in 1133. The samurai group's actions led to the downfall of the cell. [4]

Dealings with Shokansuru Edit

Rafiq seeing the oni summoned

Rafiq seeing the oni summoned

At some point Feydn traveled to Rokugan and made a bargain with Shokansuru who summoned an oni for him. [5]

War with the Mantis Edit

Feydn was defeated by the Mantis Clan in the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War when he was killed by a Tsuruchi arrow at one-thousand paces as he challenged Yoritomo Aramasu to combat on the docks of the Ivory Kingdom's capital city. [6]

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