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Fealty and Freedom cover

Fealty and Freedom is the tenth source book for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings role playing game. The book features new and updated character creation and development mechanics for all existing Minor Clans, the Imperial Families, and Ronin characters, as well as a historical summary describing minor factions that have disappeared in the Empire, including the Hantei and Toturi Families, and Minor Clans that have been absorbed into Great Clans.


  • Writers: Shawn Carman, Dan Comrie, Douglas Sun, Rob Vaux, Rich Wulf, Brian Yoon
  • Editors: Rob Hobart, John Hall
  • Line Developer: Douglas Sun
  • Art Director: Todd C. Rowland
  • Graphic Designers: Nate Barnes, Rodney Saenz
  • Cover Artist: IFS
  • Interior Artists: Aaron Acevedo, Steve Argyle, Drew Baker, Adam Bray, Ed Cox, Jose Cua, Edwin David, Matt Dixon, John Donahue, David Esbri, Andy Hepworth, David Horne, Mark A.W. Jackson, Heather Kreiter, Lisanne Lake, Iordaniz Lazarides, April Lee, Chuck Lucas, Britt Martin, Malcolm Mc Clinton, Patrick McEvoy, Lee Moyer, William O'Connor, Glenn Osterberger, Mark Poole, Jason Reeves, Angga Satriohadi, Erich Schreiner, Chris Seaman, Ellym Sirac, Franz Vohwinkel, Michael Willimas, Jarreau Wimberly
  • Brand Manager: Todd C. Rowland
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • Playtesters: Team Somewhere (Jason Shafer, Nathan Shafer, Matt Strout, Liza Strout, Joe White), Team SoCal (Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason Kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arther Nguyen), Team Interweb (Dace, Erykah Fasset, Stephanie Dane, Daniel Walters, Laura Harvey, Mike Brodu), Team Canada-Bates (Brian Bates, Kit LaHaise, Heath Hunt, Mason Crawford, Bob Martin, Daniel Briscoe, Tom Lewis, Jeremiah Uselton, Greg Krywusha), Team JB (Darrin Clough, Brebouillet Mathieu, Robert Knight, Aaron Rubman, David Whitney, Stuart Biggs, Edward Reynolds), Team Brighton (Alexander Andersson, Charles Ethridge-Nunn, Steven Mileham, Ashley Jestico, Lee Reeves), Team Shabby (Lucas Twyman, Amanda Martyn, Lee Masheter, Lauren Murray, Chad Kirby, Andrew Flynn), Team Fleeman (Luke Fleeman, Joseph Schuster, Andrew Snow, Christopher Myers, Michael Neer, Paul Siebuhr, Ryan Flynn), Team Pinneped (Cory Mills, Catlin Mills, Lynn Ahlgren, Jeremy Bullens, Charles Fox, Eric King, Molly Poole, Albert Koenig, Darren Walters)

Table of Contents[]

Introduction (Page 5)[]

Chapter One: The Badger Clan (Page 11)[]

Ichiro Kihongo

Chapter Two: The Bat Clan (Page 23)[]

Chapter Three: The Dragonfly Clan (Page 33)[]

Tonbo Toryu

Chapter Four: The Hare Clan (Page 43)[]

Usagi Genchi

Chapter Five: The Monkey Clan (Page 53)[]

Magistrate's Blade

Chapter Six: The Oriole Clan (Page 65)[]

Chapter Seven: The Ox Clan (Page 75)[]

Chapter Eight: The Sparrow Clan (Page 85)[]

Suzume Keiji

Chapter Nine: The Tortoise Clan (Page 95)[]

Chapter Ten: The Imperial Families (Page 103)[]

Toturi Kurako

Chapter Eleven: Ronin (Page 137)[]

A Ronin

Nanashi Mura in 1170