Fantastic Gardens

Fantastic Gardens of the Doji

The Fantastic Gardens of the Doji were once Lady Doji's flower garden, but her children maintained and expanded the garden after her disappearance. They occupied a large section of Kyuden Doji. [1]

Famous Gardens Edit

Fantastic Gardens 2

Fantastic Gardens

The gardens had delicate beauties that were spoken of throughout Rokugan. They covered huge tracts of land reaching up to thirty li, having been converted from arable land into pleasurable gardens by past Crane Clan Champions. The vast and rich lands of the Crane afforded some spare for beauty. The gardens were works of art, containing bonsai trees, flower bushes and trickling streams that create the illusion of careless perfection. They were the result of generations of gardeners who spent their lifetimes perfecting their art. In addition to being art the gardens often symbolized something mythical, spiritual or historical. [2]

New Additions Edit

Since 1140 the Gardens also incorporated tea houses, sake houses, markets, theaters, shrines, geisha houses and any other sort of legitimate enterprise. The luxurious atmosphere made guests more amenable to suggestion, making the Doji Courtiers' job easier. Some elder caretakers felt that it ruined the gardens' serenity and purity to invite such base acts as commerce and entertainment. [1] The gardens had guest-houses for Winter Court, including a massive guest-house for housing the Emperor and his entourage. [3]

Ginseng Edit

In the gardens there was a ginseng variety that did not grew in another part of Rokugan. In 1159 the Ivory Kingdoms sent Rama Singh to trade it because it was neccesary to restore the health of his Maharaja. [4]

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