Fallen Star
Fallen Star
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Hojyn
Currently in the possession of: None

The Fallen Star, the Portent of the prophecy last days, was a tiny sliver of light. When it first touched the earth, Shilah's rage burned all around in the Day of Wrath. [1]

Secrets Edit

For almost a thousand years the Ashalan had hidden from the might of Shilah, the Lady Sun, fearing another Day of Wrath that could destroy again their civilization. They prepared for a time when they would have to pass the secrets of the Fallen Star to a new age of heroes. [2]

A star fell from the sky Edit

In the year 332 Hojyn found the Fallen Star in the Burning Sands. It was researched and the Council of Twelve determined it was linked to the Goddess Shinjo, who was in her slumber after her fight against the Lying Darkness. It also was related with the bahiya, the four artifacts lost in the Day of Wrath, so it would be instrumental in the prophecy known as the Awakening, which would awake the Jinn Lord, Kaleel. [3]

The Awakening Edit

It was a nemuranai that was wielded by Hojyn for centuries. It was destroyed during the events of the Awakening, rousing the kami Shinjo from her imprisonment. [4] The same event destroyed the Ebon Stone, releasing the Lying Darkness into the world from where Shinjo had bound it. [5]

Wielders of the Fallen Star Edit

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