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The Falcon's Wings were the runners responsible for communication within the Kaiu Wall. Although their role required courage and endurance, they were selected for their speed afoot. The vast majority of them were quite young. Most Falcon's Wings runners were mustered out before they reach their mid twenty's, before they lose a step to advancing adulthood. The Falcon's Wings drew its members from all of the Crab bushi families, although historically most had came from the Hiruma, and they became Hiruma Scouts when their time as messengers was up. [1]

Training Edit

The Falcon's Wings usually were trained in the Far Runner Dojo, and increased their skills in the Running Fields, a network of paths cut through the tall grass of the White Shore Plains beside the training halls of the Dojo to allow the students to run wind sprints and work on their foot speed. [2] They were also trained in the Kaiu Engineering Academy. [3]

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