Emerald Throne

Emerald Throne

The Emerald Throne was the first throne of the Empire of Rokugan. It served as a physical symbol of the might and glory of the Hantei Emperors and the Empire overall. The throne itself was crafted out of a single large emerald for the first Hantei and served as the throne for every Hantei Emperor thereafter until the Hantei Dynasty's demise in 1128.

Abilities Edit

The Emerald Throne was carved by the greatest Crane and Otomo artisans. Anyone who had been attuned to the throne increased his intelligence, awareness. perception and willpower, a process which was set by sitting upon the throne for a mere four hours a day for one month, as any Emperor did since the nemuranai was crafted. The artisans guaranteed their work as the throne was strong and whole. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Shoju Cleaves the Throne

Bayushi Shoju cleaving the throne

The Emerald Throne was damaged during the Scorpion Coup, when during a duel with Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi, Bayushi Shoju accidentally drove his sword into the throne, [2] leaving a huge gash from the top to the back to the solid emerald seat. The carving that showed the sun goddess and the first Emperor were separated by the fissure. [3]

Day of Thunder Edit

In the Second Day of Thunder the throne was used as a weapon when Isawa Tadaka magically raised it and was thrown over Fu Leng. [4]

Replaced Edit

When the Clan War ended and Toturi became Emperor, he ordered a new throne be crafted from jade.


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Preceded by:
Imperial Throne
Pre-calendar - 1128
Succeeded by:
Jade Throne

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