Eda Ishan 
Eda Ishan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Dahabi 
Titles: Auroch Master,
Merchant King of House Menjari

Eda Ishan al-Menjari was an old woman and a Qolat Master of the Auroch sect, known as Master Ruthlessly Shrewd. [1]

Adopted Edit

Eda was adopted by the Merchant King Silver Tongue. He had killed her family, and Eda would not forgive him. [2]

House Menjari Edit

Eda in 1132 was already a Merchant King of the Houses of Dahab and member of the Qolat conspiracy. [3] Her husband was who, in theory, took the decisions in the House Menjari. [4]

Qolat Edit

Haroun, son of the first Old Man of the Mountain, had betrayed the Assassins. He was the Blood-Red Tiger Master and leader of the Qadaam. Eda initially aided him, but when Haroun revealed his intentions to take control over the Qolat conspiracy, she worked against. The younger members of the Houses of Dahab and the Qolat supported Eda. The third Qolat Master was Ruqayah, Master Roc. In 1168 the fight was still not concluded. Haroun and Eda had split the Houses down the middle. [5]

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