Drawing-Out-Darkness-Rock was the name the Crooked Tail Tribe gave to a great crystal outcropping northwest of the Shadowlands. The Crooked Tail dwelled there. [1]

Nezumi Learn About the Nothing Edit

In 389 [2] the Crooked Tail was formed as a split of the Forever Racing Tomorrow Tribe. The followers of a mad self-proclaimed prophet, Rtch't'tok, made their own tribe. The Nezumi Shaman had fought minions of the Nothing during an investigation in the Crab lands, and survived due thanks only to a crystal talisman he wore, crafted from the Great Rock. As the tribal chieftain disregarded Rtch't'tok's story, the shaman chose to follow his own way. [3]

Sacrosanct Edit

It was considered a sacred place among the nezumi. It served as one of the distinctive landmarks that separated the desolate Plains Above Evil from the more heavily populated regions. The small crystal sections that were taken were almost universally used to adorn weaponry or to the fashion simple crystal necklaces that all the Crooked Tail wore. [4]


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