The Dragon Spirit-Binders of the Dragon Clan were shugenja who forged a bond with a particular kami. [1] They were able to perform extraordinary feats with the simplest magic. [2] Initiated by the Agasha, were the Tamori who reached greater levels in this art with the close bond they shared with the Earth kami. [3]

Speaking with the Kami Edit

The art of Spirit Binding involved the way of not just summoning an elemental spirit to enact feats of magic on the behalf of the shugenja, but speaking to the same elemental spirit time and again. Masters of this art often cultivated close relations with a handful of elemental spirits, which stay by his side at all times. Many mistook Spirit Binding as a form of slavery, where the shugenja enforced his rule over a single kami and yoked them to his will. [3]

Known Technique and Feats Edit


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