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Dojo was the Rokugani word for schools and training facilities. All samurai attended a dojo, where they learned the way of Bushido and were trained in the school techniques. The dojo was also often where the samurai had their gempukku ceremony, and would greatly color the samurai's abilities and perception of the world. Some dojo could also grant some measure of status to the student, depending on which dojo they attended. [1]

First Dojo Edit

The first dojo was created by Kakita, to pass on his knowledge of Iaijutsu to all who had the discipline and ability to learn. [2] After the death of Kakita the students moved their training facility, creating the Kakita Dueling Academy. [3]

Notable Dojo Edit

Bushi Dojo

A Bushi Dojo

Imperial Dojo Edit

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Ronin Dojo

Ronin Dojo

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