Doji Okakura

Doji Okakura

Doji Okakura was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Family Edit

Okakura was uncle of Yoritomo Aranai. [1]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

Doji Okakura 1

Doji Okakura

In 1159 Okakura was Kakita Gemon's Yojimbo when they where in the middle of the Fall of Otosan Uchi. He and his charge sheltered in the Yotsu Dojo, and convinced Yotsu Seou to gather other forces out of the city to come back and expel the dark foes. [2]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Okakura was a rank in the First Legion, and he was stationed on Kyuden Seppun after Toturi Tsudao declared herself as the Empress Toturi II. [3]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

In 1159 the legionnaires were attacked by the Onisus Hakai and Yokubo at Kyuden Seppun. During the fight Okakura fled, while Shiba Mirabu wounded Yokubo and Daidoji Megumi sacrificed herself to kill Yokubo. Megumi's action weakened Hakai, who intended to kill Mirabu with a deathly spell. Okakura had been advised Shiba Aikune and returned in time to seize Mirabu rolling the Phoenix aside of Hakai's death ray. Aikune and Okakura worked together to destroy Hakai. [4]

Gifted Sword Edit

Doji Kurohito, the Crane Clan Champion, gifted Okakura a sword. [5]

Stationed under Nakazo's Command Edit

Okakura was under the command of Kakita Nakazo, and was a courier between Nakazo and the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kurohito. At Inari Mura Kurohito gave to Okakura the order to attack Toshi Ranbo. [6]

Destroyer War Edit

Okakura fought against the forces of Kali-Ma during the Destroyer War. [1]

Warned by dreams Edit

One night of 1173 Okakura awoke from a dream. Therein he had seen his niece, Aranai he hadn't seen for many years. He knew that the Destroyers would arrive soon and that the battle would be unlike any the war had seen before. Alerted by the Crane the defenders expected the invaders and Kyuden Ashinagabachi did not fall.

His niece, Yoritomo Aranai, who was by then an infiltrator of the Spider Clan was part of the Mantis delegation sent to the Ivory Kingdoms. From there she had managed to sent the dream to Okakura with the help of a shojo, the sea spirit En'you. [1]

Defence of Kyuden Ashinagabachi Edit

Okakura fought in the Battle of Kyuden Ashinagabachi alongside other heroes of the Empire as [[Matsu Benika+], and Togashi Matsuo. [7]

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