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Doji Nio 
Doji Nio.jpg 
Born: c.25 [1] 
Died: 179 [2] 
Parents: Kakita,
Siblings: Doji Yasurugi,
Doji Konishiko,
Doji Hayaku,
Kakita Shimizu 
Spouse: Doji Ochiba 
Children: Unknown 
Titles: Crane Clan Champion,
Doji family Founder

Doji Nio was the second son of Lady Doji and Kakita, and founder of the Doji family. [3] It was regarded as one of the greatest poet and calligraphers in history. [2]

Appearance and Demeanor[]

Nio was depicted as a tall man, elegant and refined, who inherited his mother's culture and his father's stoicism. [4]


Nio married to Doji Ochiba. He had three brothers, Doji Yasurugi, Doji Hayaku and Kakita Shimizu, and a sister Doji Konishiko. [4]


Nio followed in his mothers footsteps and created the Doji household, becoming the founder of the Doji family. He was a master of trade as well as diplomacy and organised the Crane shipping and trade routes. Some said that Nio also wrote an in-depth monograph on economics, but it was never published. Perhaps the text was lost centuries ago, never even written, or the Crane did not wish to share such information. It was known however that Nio did write several books on court life, and these treaties could be found in the Doji libraries. [5]

Tea Ceremony[]

Cha-no-yu, which would become the tea ceremony, was created by his sister Konishiko. After the Day of Thunder Nio codified the tea ceremony in a written treatise and demonstrated his revised version of the ceremony before the Imperial Court of Hantei Genji. It was this ceremony, much more formal and refined than his sister's original idea, which became the official Shugo-no-chaji.[6]


Nio was also a master of commerce, working with the Yasuki to organize Crane caravan routes throughout the fledging Empire, leveraging the fertile lands of the Crane to support a massive trade network. [7] He wrote a great treatise on economics, though if so it did not survive to enter the clan's libraries. [8]


His famous speech was recorded in My Mother, the World, which focused on a discussion of the phrase Setsugekka, or 'the three elements of nature', snow, flowers, and Oceans. [9] His estates at South Hub Village were left "to Rokugan's authors of beauty." Since that time, his large estates became a communal home for storytellers, poets, painters, and other artists trying to make a name in Otosan Uchi, and they were known as Kyuden Nio. [10]

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Crane Clan Champion
102 - ?
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Doji family Founder
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