The Doji Magistrates were members of the Crane Clan trained in the elite school of the Doji family, and normally tasked with the patrolling and policing of Doji lands. [1]

Training Edit

Doji Magistrates trained alongside the Doji Courtiers for at least a year, ensuring that the magistrates represented their family's interests with honor and poise. They trained alongside students of the Kakita Dueling Academy as well, ensuring that they were equipped to deal with whatever foes they must face. [2] They learned Mizu-do techniques to arrest suspects or subdue drunken brawlers. [3]

Duty Edit

The Crane had always had a close relationship with the Emerald Championship, often holding the office itself. Even when a Crane was not the Emerald Champion, many Cranes carried on the search for justice. [4] They were known for their work in high-profile cases. Although the Doji Magistrates were often criticized for being “too distant” from the realities of the Empire, they were uniquely skilled at navigating the political side of investigations. [5]

Demeanor Edit

The Doji Magistrates were known for their ability to navigate high society. They combined keen insight into human behavior with the political network of the Crane. The organization was hierarchical, with each member reporting to a superior. As a result, the Doji Magistrates tended to have less individual flexibility than the magistrates of other Clans. They actively networked with each other, as part of this was the natural Crane gregariousness. Doji Magistrates made a habit of introducing each other to shared contacts. They maintained impeccable standards of Honor, or their credibility and effectiveness would be lost. [6]

Doji Magistrate Techniques Edit

Doji Magistrates relied on gathered testimony, drawing conclusions from collected accounts. [7]

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