Doji Konishiko 
Doji Konishiko 
Born: c.24 [1] 
Died: 42 
Parents: Kakita,
Siblings: Doji Yasurugi,
Doji Hayaku,
Doji Nio,
Kakita Shimizu 
Children: Dark Daughter of Fu Leng 
Titles: Crane Clan Thunder
Doji Konishiko was the eldest daughter of Kakita and Doji, the twin sister of Doji Yasurugi, and the first Crane Thunder.

Childhood Edit

Konishiko was a small girl who studied both the ways of her parents, but she was not so brilliant as her brother. [2]

Tea ceremony Edit

Konishiko's sense of a unified nation led her to break common segregations of class and social standing, and created a single form of tea-serving for nobility and heimin alike, the Cha-no-yu, or Tea ceremony. She believed that the people would be equal and free from their social positions once they entered in the ceremony. [3]

Crane Thunder Edit

"My brother’s soul is here."

When Yasurugi was killed shortly before the first Day of Thunder, and all hope seemed lost until Konishiko stepped forward. Matsu did not believe Konishiko would be up to the task, but was quickly quieted when Konishiko disarmed her. [4] [5]

Day of Thunder Edit

Konishiko joined Shinsei and the other thunders on the trip into the Shadowlands and fought the minions of Fu Leng in his keep so Isawa could have the time to finish the ritual binding Fu Leng's soul. The thunders were victorious, but at a high cost. Only Shinsei and Shosuro survived. Konishiko charged a room filled with obsidian samurai, ordering Mirumoto to bar the door behind her, in an attempt to buy Isawa enough time to bind Fu Leng's soul to the Twelve Scrolls. While her exact fate was unknown it was believed she died that day. [5] [6]

Dark Daughter of Fu Leng Edit

The Dark Daughter of Fu Leng was the corrupted daughter of the Crane Thunder, lost centuries ago to the power of Fu Leng, and converted in Akutenshi. [7]

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