The Divine Branch was written by Otomo Yamato, one of the youngest sons of Emperor Hantei. It depicted the relation between man and the Kami, and during a discussion between Hantei and his mother Amaterasu spoke at length to her divine child. As they lived in Tengoku, only Hantei knew the pleasures and delights of the heavenly worlds, and of all the Kami only he could appreciate what had been stolen from them when they fell to earth. It resembled the own story of Yamato who, as brother of an Emperor, was forced to pass the Ritual of Abdication, losing his heritage and family name. [1] It was published the year Yamato died, in 88. [2]

Notable Quotes Edit

  • “Only Hantei knew the pleasures and delights of the heavenly worlds. Of all the Kami, only he could know what had been taken from them.” [3]


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